Meet Wendy

Wendy was always singing to her children and later to her grandchildren, singing many of the songs she learned as a child plus several she had written. When Wendy’s youngest daughter had her first child, she asked Wendy to record her songs on cassette tape for her son, Jacob. So Wendy did and Jacob fell asleep with his grandmother’s songs every night. An unexpected blessing was when Wendy learned that her daughters’ adult friends were listening to her songs and joining and singing. They told Wendy they loved her music and encouraged her to record her songs. So Wendy joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International and was referred to a recording studio in North Carolina. She sings the Classic Children’s songs from her youth as well as fun songs she wrote. Today, thousands of children listen to Wendy sing! Wendy has dozens of stories about children who listen to her music. One of her favorites is from a grandmother who phoned to tell Wendy that her 2 year old mentally handicapped and blind granddaughter smiled for the first time when she heard a CD of Wendy’s songs!

Wendy said, “It was like God reached down and blessed me.” The fame of her songs spread throughout the country with customers asking for more. So Wendy wrote The Dinosaur’s First Christmas, which instantly became a big success. Many children told Wendy they liked it just as much as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; Gene Autry’s Classic. What a compliment! Wendy was inspired to write a children book based on the story of The Dinosaur’s First Christmas. Wendy’s sister Patty Medendorp supplied the color illustrations, bringing the words of her song to life!