What Customers Say

“Wendy Riley is a story teller who reaches out to touch kids with her stories. Whether she is telling a story in one of the many songs she writes or through the written word, she weaves warm tales that make kids of all ages smile. I first met Wendy in my role as Regional Coordinator of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Wendy wrote magical songs that are targeted toward kids of all ages. I am honored to write these notes about this book. Wendy also has an affinity for Dinosaurs and loves to bring her creation to life with gentle, caring, feeling beings that help teach important lessons to kids. I am confident that anyone who reads The Dinosaur First Christmas will have a smile on their face by the time they get to the end. It is a great book to read and share with your children and grandchildren. It is the beginning of a classic.” – Mike Deeson, CBS TV News Reporter

“My family and I really like this book…we love the song too! The pictures are cute and the tale of friendship one that is important for children to learn.” – W.K. Wilson – Alaska

“This was a well written book with great pictures. I loved that it was drawn and not computer generated. The part about the best gift being friendship was awesome. This team should do more.” – Eve-Lynn Smolik – Illinois

“Wendy, thank you so much for making this CD. It is by far and away our 13 month old son Aidan`s favorite CD. He has many CD`s but this is first one that he noticeably gives his full attention to everytime it plays. It must be played at least 10 times everyday since we got it! Thank you so much Wendy!”